When my father René founded MonteVideo in 1978 (the first video art gallery in the Netherlands) I assisted with setting up exhibitions and recording performances. Through the years I assisted many great artists and got skilled in all aspects of the video production process. The grown collection of video artworks was endangered and in 1991 the first video preservation project ever was initiated. The project involved 10 important Dutch video art collections.

Ramon Coelho

Since the mid 90’s I was head post production at the Netherlands Media Art Institute (former Montevideo/Time Based Arts). In 2010 I moved to Mexico City and build video editing- and preservation studios and preserved parts of several museum collections. Besides advise, presentations and workshops about media art production and preservation, I have set up several international exhibitions, edited and restored film and video works for artists like Marina Abramović, Ulay, Rineke Dijkstra, Carlos Amorales and Francis Alÿs. In 2019 I moved back to Holland continuing my work as media art specialist.

Vimeo gallery

Art exhibitions, interviews, installations and documentaries.